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Errors in ‘Science Learner’s Material’ for Grade 4

/ 01:01 AM December 27, 2015

Below is the list of errors in the textbook “Science Learner’s Material” for Grade 4. Read the Talk of the Town article “Wrecking Ball” by Antonio Calipjo Go for the whole story.

To see if sound travels through water, use a large basin filled with water. Hold your breath and place your head inside the water. Try to speak a word.


As it is impossible to speak while inside a solid material, you will simulate being inside a solid by making a simple tin can telephone.

Ball-and-sockets joints protect the eyes.


The movements of our body originate in our joints.

To see if white light is made up of colors, you need a window ledge. You max use an open area in your school. Light separates into red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet or the ROYGBIV.

To dissect or crack an egg or split the seeds open, use a nailcutter.

Bring a picture of a woman sick of diarrhea.

Washing of hands, boiling of water and avoidance or exposure to air are good hygiene practices.

Solid materials can be pressed. Demonstrate how to press solid materials properly. Explain the phases each solid material underwent when they are hammered.

The bat has to get rid of the large tree by echolocation or else it will bump and hurt its head.


As you look at the pencil, the top part came directly to your eyes light rays from the bottom part passed first through the surface between the water and the air. When you raised the pencil and touched it, it was not been.

Wear clothes which protect the skin of your hand and feet while working under the sun.

You will go on swimming this weekends. Apply sunscreen when you go for swimming. Protect your eyes from the glares of the sun. Wear cap or umbrella if necessary.

Open the box in the dark room. Can you see the objects? Get out from the dark room quietly. Open the box. Can you see the objects?

The start of human life begins after the baby is delivered out by its mother to the world.

Adulthood is a significant time that adults can give birth.

How do animals move in particular habitat? How do animals that live on land move? Why do animals move in different ways?

Describe the interaction between the bird and the branch of a tree, between the ferns and a branch of a tree and between a man and a mosquito.

For our lesson on Proper Waste Segregation, bring: disposable syringe, disposable diapers, empty bottles of dextrose and tubing, broken pieces of glass, vegetables/fruit peelings, meal left overs, coffee grinds and factory returnables. Place all the materials on your table. Prepare a group presentation to be performed in class.

Look at the pictures of the lungs showing the air movement inside the body.

Apply the necessary treatment to certain lung ailments.

Shrimp and prawns have legs for walking.

Fish scales are arranged overlapping from head to tail so as the water slips smoothly as it moves forward. Draw the scales of your fish in your notebook.

Recycling is collecting, processing and manufacturing materials instead of throwing them away.

Which seed seems to be round in shape?

You are hiking back and forth in going to school.

Seawater is the habitat of aquatic plants and animals which are used mainly for food and medicine.

Take a straight BBQ stick and use scissors to cut a slit on each end.

If the windows and the door of your classroom are wooden you can close them to darken the room.

When the light rays of the sun strike directly above the objects, no visible shadow is seen on the ground since the shadow of the entire body would fit in tis footsprints.

Define the water cycle operationally.

You need clear plastic ruler one foot-inch.

Exposure to loud sounds can cause a person tiredness, vomiting and tension.

What advice could you gave MangKarding?

The liquid material did not went through the paper towel. Why do these materials cannot completely dissolve in liquid?

Bring any object that can be easily grasps. Ask your partner to drop the object while you will catch it. Did you bring the object near to her nose?

What did you feel at the center back of your classmate?

Put two pieces of fish inside the aquarium.

How Important I Am in the Environment? Tell me how may I help you. How Do You Use Me? What are we waiting for!

Bring a flashlight loaded with battery.

You may bump into your vases. Do not use your vases and other display in your house. Do not play in your stairs.

What will happen to an object if you will bent or crumpled it?

Which degree of force applied made the toy car travelled the nearest? It travelled nearer when lesser force was applied to it.

Prepare question to ask to your prospect interviewee.

Larvae hatch from egg but do not look adult insects.

When do we say that it a certain life cycle is an egg laying animals?

Between frogs and insects in a pond, which is badly harmed? What may likely to happen with the frogs if the insects decrease?

Disposal must be done in to avoid harming the environment mentor causing harm to human health. Products for disposal should not be mixed together.

Perform what is ask.

Stand as far as possible with each other.

Describe that sound has the ability to bounce back. We cannot tell which the original sound is and which the echo is.

You find plants, animals and houses on the soil.

Sow five mongo seeds in each cup.

Some coconut trees may be tilted or broken.

Heats the water and observe what is coming out from the beaker.

Appendicities. Invicible. Small brain games. Animal detective. Rules and Regulation. Medium rubber balls. Small wood. Comics strip. Bas soap. Craker biscuit. Noise captain.

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