Joma’s ‘selective patriotism’ bared

This is in response to a news article titled “Sison chides China for ‘absurd’ Panatag claim.” (Inquirer, 4/22/12)

In the article, Jose Maria Sison, founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), reportedly described as “absurd” China’s claim to Panatag Shoal. Then he attacked Akbayan Party calling it a “super patriot” and “special agent” of US imperialism because of its resolute defense of Philippine sovereignty against Chinese incursions in the West Philippine Sea.

Sison finally broke his deafening silence on the matter despite its being a burning issue as early as last year. However, we could not help but notice the super hypocrisy behind his statement.

Lest we forget, Sison’s CPP was funded and armed by the Chinese government during the 1970s in their quest to establish a Maoist regime in the Philippines through armed struggle. Sison defended the violent crackdown on the pro-democracy student uprising in China in 1989, which was crushed by the brutal “Tiananmen Massacre” wherein hundreds of students were killed.

Sison explained that China is no longer communist but unabashedly “capitalist.” This is very revealing: He is virtually saying that as long as a regime is communist or is supportive of his group, they will unreservedly support it—the same posturing he displayed during the North Korea missile launch. Despite the potential threat to our people’s safety and outright disrespect of Philippine sovereignty—ironically, the same sovereignty Sison and the CPP claim to defend—they tacitly approved of the rocket launch. Some of their affiliate groups even applauded the missile test, never mind that it put their own kababayan at risk.

The only reason Sison and the CPP are now spewing anti-China slogans is to stall their growing political isolation from the people because of their long silence on the issue. Also the reason for his attack on Akbayan, whose holistic defense of Philippine sovereignty against the United States, China and even North Korea has put him and his CPP on the spot and exposed their “selective patriotism.”

Furthermore, Akbayan’s activism and patriotism on the West Philippine Sea issue reflected the opinion of a majority of the Filipino people, which does not sit well with Sison and the CPP who claim to have a monopoly of representing the people’s struggles.

This is the real score behind Sison’s recently discovered anti-China rhetoric. Thus, as the people unite behind a strong progressive and patriotic banner to defend Philippine sovereignty from China’s bullying, we must be wary of the likes of Sison who once upon a time gained not only favor and patronage from the bully but also defended it wholeheartedly.


national secretary general,

Akbayan Youth,

34-D Matulungin St.,

Barangay Central, Quezon City