Voice of Chinese-Filipinos needed to settle disputes with China

If I were capable of subduing China, had extra powers and a strong army, I would do everything in my power to drive away the Chinese who keep on bullying the Philippines. I would do that for my country and for the future of my countrymen.

You may think that I may be out of my mind, crazy even, but it is how I feel, and how I love being a Filipino living in democratic Philippines.  This same feeling should be shared by all Filipinos now, for the Chinese government is now trampling on our territorial rights. Therefore, our government should do everything to protect and preserve our rights.

I likewise call on all Chinese residing in the Philippines and the Tsinoys (Filipinos with Chinese lineage) to join us and ask their mother country to resolve the issue once and for all. We have treated our Chinese compatriots with love and respect, and they have been part of our culture, our lives—our ties and roots going back to centuries.

There are many Tsinoys from Filipino-Chinese intermarriages. Many of them are productive citizens and decent people, and successful businessmen, politicians and doctors.

Let’s bring back our good and friendly relations with China. What is presently happening is not good for all of us—Filipinos or Chinese.