Bible-quoting believers should also act out words of Yahweh

People who are quick to recite verses in the Bible and invoke the high heavens, more often than the rest of us, always make me very wary in my gut. More so, when his biblical incantations are in relation to purely secular issues. That he is a man of the cloth, or a pound-for-pound king, or a politician only makes it worse for these people have the bigger, sacred duty to God, to their “flock” and to the nation to abide by the process of finding the truth, instead of just imploring heavens or crying political harassment.

Manny Pacquiao on TV, flanked by a battery of lawyers, asked for the heads of Bureau of Internal Revenue officials because of a tax evasion case that the agency has filed against him. Perhaps, his lawyers forgot to tell him that, usually, it is the respondent/accused who is temporarily suspended from office pending the resolution of the case(s) filed against him. It would be truly a landmark case to have the complainant (BIR people) suspended/dismissed even while the case they filed against Pacquiao is being heard (and even before Pacquiao himself and his lawyer could file his answer with the public prosecutor’s office at Koronadal) and upon the instance of the accused! How about those relevant lines in the Bible about brotherly forgiveness and the like which should be honored in actual deeds, not in word-for-word biblical incantations?


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