Other ways to tax

The letter of Gary Teves should be titled “Tax reform: Wrong pain, little gain,” considering that he still advocates increased taxes on fuel, which will greatly hurt the consuming public (“Tax reform: No pain, no gain,” 11/8/17).

I still believe that instead of burdening the consuming public, the government should drastically increase the tax on private vehicles, especially those that are old and those that consume lots of fuel. It is ironic that under existing laws, tax on vehicles is reduced as cars get older. Increasing such tax will help decongest our streets.

Another possible source of income for the government would be a tax on local residents who enter casinos and other gambling centers. I understand that in Singapore, residents who enter casinos have to pay about 200 Singapore dollars.

This will help stem the gambling activities of our local residents.

RENE TORRES, rentorres@yahoo.com


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