Five things Filipinos must know about drug dependency

1. Drug dependency is not an issue of education.

Do not be fooled by the excuse and theory of the ignorant that it is lack of education that is the cause of drug dependency. The nation must know that drug dependency does not respect education; we have addicts who are doctors, lawyers, postgraduates, priests, pastors and from all kinds of professions.

2. Drug dependency is not an issue of economics.

Fools say that it is poverty or lack of money that makes drug addicts. Have we not realized that drug addicts live in very expensive subdivisions just as they also live in the poorest squatter areas? Addiction plagues the very rich and the very poor.

3. Drug dependency is a family disease.

Drug addicts are products of a dysfunctional family. The disease is not individual, it is simply the result of the problem within the family. Thus it is the family that must be treated and healed.

4. Smoking and drinking are the gateway vices to drug dependency.

Never be fooled by the rationalization of the fool that smoking and drinking are just innocent vices, these are the gateway vices that lead the path to drug dependency.

5. Parents are the shepherds of their homes, not the police nor the antidrug agency.

Common dialogues of parents of addicts is that they blame the government especially the Philippine National Police or the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency for not arresting/killing the drug pushers of their children/member of their family, but they never take responsibility for their family members becoming addicts.

Drug-free Philippines, my duty and your duty.

Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Week (Nov. 13-19, 2017) has as its theme: “Listen first: Listening to children and youth is the first step to help them grow healthy and safe.”

CLARENCE PAUL V. OAMINAL, Drug Free Philippines Movement


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