‘Tulfo being used by his NBI contacts’

This refers to Ramon Tulfo’s column titled “Are we a country of xenophobes?” (Metro, 2/4/16).

Tulfo said, “One of those who raided and allegedly ransacked Hoverstad’s apartment was Chief Insp. Alexie Desamit (sic).

“The National Bureau of Investigation claims that Desamito, a graduate of the Philippine National Police Academy, robbed two Koreans of their Rolex watches, laptops, cell phones, TV sets and cash during a raid at their office suspected to be a base for online gambling operations.”

Tulfo not only smeared my reputation, he likewise used biased information from the NBI.

The case against Torgeir Hoverstad is still pending. Pieces of evidence of child pornography, independent of the testimony of the supposed child victims who recanted, were found during the valid search and seizure. Hundreds of pictures and videos depicting minors engaged in various sexual conduct were in the possession of the accused.

On the other hand, the case against the Koreans, Yoon Taehoon and Lee Hyeonggon, is already with the Regional Trial Court of Taguig City. In retaliation, they filed a case against me and other police officers. They however failed to appear in any of the hearings and even executed an affidavit of desistance.

Another of their cohorts and their purported witness, Yun Seunghwan, failed to appear in any of the hearings against one of our alleged conspirators, thus the dismissal of the case.

In our investigation, we discovered that the NBI is in cahoots with these Koreans, particularly one Arnold Rosales. Also, a member of the National Police Commission, Ericsson Santiago, personally came to the aid of these Koreans at the time they were being arrested. I, together with my superiors, are in the process of preparing the complaints against these persons and will file the appropriate criminal cases against them.

As you can see, all of these are attacks against my reputation as a police officer and as an individual. Baseless as it seems, the damage has been done and whenever my name is searched in the Internet, this column of Tulfo readily appears.

Is Tulfo now protecting foreign pedophiles and the Korean Mafia operating in the Philippines? If only he conducted a simple research or even contacted me for my comment, none of this would have occurred. Instead, Tulfo insisted on publishing the above-cited malicious and baseless column.

Tulfo is being used by his NBI contacts to further their personal and nefarious interests. These NBI officers file cases against those who put up obstacles to their evil schemes. If only Tulfo had looked at, read and tried to understand the pertinent documents, including the child pornography collection of Hoverstad, he would have realized the severity and seriousness of these cases.

Children are involved here, Mr. Tulfo, children molested by the person you are defending in public.

—ALEXIE A. DESAMITO, police chief inspector, Philippine National Police