Political dynasty in Makati

Vice President Jojo Binay intensified the drama in the suspension of his son, Makati Mayor Junjun Binay. He warned of a possible “misencounter” (the Mamapasamo slaughter obviously in his mind). Fired up by this bravado, the Vice President’s allies dared Interior Secretary Roxas to serve the suspension order himself if “he were a real man.”

This insinuation of violence could have turned real even if it is well-known that the Vice President’s words are “on and off.” Remember his challenge to Sen. Teofisto Guingona III, chair of the Senate blue ribbon committee, a subcommittee of which was investigating graft charges against the Vice President? To recall, Binay asked that he be invited by Guingona to a hearing conducted by the committee itself, not just by the subcommittee. Remember, too, Binay daring Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV to a debate? When both challenges were taken up by Guingona and Trillanes, Binay retreated, which speaks volumes about his character.

But with his skin not on the line had a scuffle between Mayor Binay’s crowd and Department of the Interior and Local Government officials and policemen (tasked to serve the suspension order), ensued at the Makati City Hall, the Vice President could have let his “misencounter” take its course. Talk about politicians using constituents as cannon fodder to advance selfish interests.

The fact is, the Binays consider Makati their own fiefdom—to be defended at all costs from any attack. Led by their patriarch Jojo Binay, they have established a political dynasty in Makati over the last 30 years. They are now accused of ransacking the coffers of the city to stay in power. They flaunt power as witness the “misencounter” the son had with hapless security guards of Dasmariñas Village, who were only following the rules and regulations of the private subdivision’s homeowners association. In that incident, Sen. Nancy Binay was with her brother-mayor.

Refused by guards to let him pass a gate already closed to exiting vehicles, Mayor Binay called for a back-up from the Makati police, which he seemingly treats as his private army. The Binays and their “security” convoy, of course, got out of “Dasma” after that arrogant display of (fire)power.

The elder Binay is said to have manipulated city ordinances and regulations when he himself was Makati’s mayor to advance his material interests, which accordingly explains why he is a billionaire now. The Binays are now seen to be giving a lot to the have-nots of Makati while robbing them blind of their taxes.

Jojo Binay and President Aquino are a study in contrast. While P-Noy slavishly protects his “kabarilan at kaibigan,” never mind if the effort buries him in muck, Binay allegedly discards even his closest allies once they are no longer useful to him and his political dynasty. (Toby Tiangco and JV Bautista, you are given fair warning.) While P-Noy has difficulty in comprehending the intricacies and consequences of the law, Binay is said to study all its loopholes to get what he wants.

—DON VILLAR, taniman73@yahoo.com


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