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Isis a CIA-Mossad-MI5 creation?

/ 12:09 AM October 21, 2014

The term “conspiracy theory” refers to a covert geopolitical grand plan that cannot be proven (hence a theory) but can be discerned (meaning there is “evidence”). It is like smelling a rat that cannot be found. When the “evidence” becomes overwhelming, the theory begins to move into a gray area toward reality. It is therefore up to readers to make their own conclusions.

The “theory” that the Islamic State of Iran and Syria (Isis) was created by the US-Israeli-UK triumvirate is all over the Internet. The supposed grand plan hits two birds with one stone: to pit Arab against Arab until they are too weak to face Israel, and to gather the Sunnis against Shiite Iran, foment a sectarian cross-border conflict, and “encircle” Iran. To do this, President Bashar al-Assad’s relatively weak Syria is the first target of the Sunni-based Isis.


Why Iran? Iran is dangerous to the West because of, first, its vast energy reserves that the West needs so badly; second, its eastern alliances with economic rivals China and Russia; and third, its strategic location in the “middle” of the Middle East.

Iran is a buffer to Russia, which will never permit it to fall into Western hands. An energy trade bloc of Iran with China and Russia may divert critical energy sources to the East, against which the West will resort to military force as the last option. The first option is regime change in Iran into a pro-West government. Iran holds the key to Middle East geopolitics and is the gateway to World War III.


The current sanctions against Iran are not really about nukes but about energy, as in the invasion of Iraq. The sanctions are to weaken and strangle the Iranian economy long-term until it will be easy to make the final military assault. Right now, no one dares attack the powerful Iranian Armed Forces. Also, Russia will not stand idle in a US-UK-Israel invasion on whatever pretext.

The International Atomic Energy Agency found no evidence of nuclear weapons in Iran, but it kept harping on the idea, as US President George Bush once harped on weapons of mass destruction to justify the invasion of Iraq. Iran made the big blunder of joining the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and is now compelled not to have nukes. Israel was wise enough not to join the NPT, so no one is going after its nukes, which are an open secret. The United States looked the other way—no protest—when Israel was building its nukes.

Israel has an utter fear of Iran. That Isis is an Israel project was indicated by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “Isis is good for Israel,” he told Tel Aviv University’s INSS think tank last June. “Washington should stay out of the Iraqi conflict—and let the Sunni militants defeat the Shia-dominated government of prime minister [Nouri] al-Maliki and break up Iraq.” He added: “This will weaken Iranian influence in the Arab region.”

American whistle-blower Edward Snowden revealed that: 1) US-UK-Israeli intelligence created Isis; 2) the grand plan was dubbed by the US National Security Agency as “Hornets’ Nest”; and 3) Isis leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi was trained by Mossad.

The origin of Isis was in post-revolution Libya. The Libyan rebels whom the United States had helped were linked to al-Qaida in Iraq, which became the first batch of Isis. After the fall of Moammar Gadhafi, his antitank and antimissile weapons were looted and smuggled via Turkey to Syria for Isis. A secret agreement among the US Central Intelligence Agency, Turkey, and Syrian rebels revealed that funds for the young Isis came from Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Eventually, Isis had a $2 million-a-day windfall (to this day) from the oil wells it took over in western Syria. Isis launched an international recruitment campaign, which augmented its ranks from 10,000 to 30,000 in a few months. Thus, Isis now has the arms and troops to launch a protracted war on many fronts. US air strikes are delaying but not stopping its advances. The goal is to neutralize weaker Syria in order to “encircle” Iran. Now, the United States is fighting a monster of its own creation.

Israel gets $3 billion a year in military aid from the US government. Over the last 60 years, the Jewish state has received about $250 billion worth of warplanes and armaments, while the Philippines, at the time the United States had a naval base in Subic, got a trickle plus some Vietnam War surplus warplanes. Israel has the most powerful lobby group in the United States—the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or Aipac—which gives billions of dollars in election campaign contributions to presidents and lawmakers. It has pressured presidents in the past to put pro-Israel officials in strategic positions, such as secretary of state or secretary of defense. Israel has cast the apple of discord in the Middle East via the United States.

Bernie V. Lopez ([email protected]) has been writing political commentary in the last 20 years. He is also a radio-TV broadcaster, a documentary producer-director, and a former Ateneo professor. (Sources:

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