Though imperfect, priests still priests

I cannot help but feel saddened hearing about the wrongdoings of priests through social and mainstream media. There is no doubt that controversies and bad news overwhelm the contents of news reports because it is controversies and bad news that sell. I agree that no wrongdoing should be tolerated and that sanctions should be made for those that are proven, but it doesn’t make a priest less a priest. Once ordained a priest, one will always be a priest. Each priest may vary in personality, in character, in physical features, but all priests have one thing in common. They are all representatives of Christ in this world.

Priests are humans just like you and me. We all make mistakes. However, it is true that priests have a very important responsibility to carefully guide the people and lead them to Christ. They must be good examples. This added responsibility doesn’t mean they are less subjected to temptations. On the contrary, I believe they are tempted even more because the evil one hates it when people are led to righteousness. This is the reason why we should pray for our priests every day, so that they may fulfill their duty of leading people to Christ.

For people who focus on finding mistakes committed by priests, I can assure that you will be successful. Priests are not immune to failure and because of human weakness, they fall. For those who tirelessly attack the Church because of a fault of certain individuals, may I invite you to recall the passage when the prostitute woman was about to be stoned, and Jesus said: “He who has no fault cast the first stone.” No matter how imperfect the members of the clergy are, Christ, in His perfect wisdom, chose them to lead people to Himself.