The Senate impeachment court is not infallible.  This has been proven by its decision to cite a prosecution lawyer in contempt of court when it was Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago who was truly contemptuous.

We congratulate Sen. Jinggoy Estrada’s gallantry in coming to Lady Miriam’s defense.  But, pray tell, who is going to save the nation from Lady Miriam’s offensive behavior?

Lawyer Vitaliano Aguirre, you are our idol, for showing that people have their limits of patience and for pointing out the truth that Santiago’s shrill voice, terrible accent and mad antics are extremely offensive to human ears even if her logic is often unassailable.  And you are doubly our idol for standing up to the “lady bully” who will surely embarrass the Philippines as a member of the International Criminal Court.

People who cite others for contempt when, in fact, they were the ones who triggered the act of contempt should be banished in asylums where they properly belong.



Peace panels taking own sweet time