Uniting against a common ‘enemy’

I recently read about China’s reaction to President Marcos’ congratulatory message to the newly elected president of Taiwan (“Marcos greeting to new Taiwan leader irks China,” News, 1/17/24). Who is China to tell another sovereign country whom they can and cannot send their well wishes to?

Not long after, I read about Nauru switching sides to recognize China instead of Taiwan. Considering the antagonistic, aggressive behavior of China toward the Philippines and the constant harassment and bullying of the country’s fishermen and navy by the People’s Liberation Army, I wonder if the Philippines should instead support Taiwan (which has also suffered the same treatment from the China Communist Party (CCP)/PLA) and shift recognition from China to Taiwan.

In fact, if all countries in the region that currently have disputed claims due to the nine-dash line did the same, I think this would send a strong signal to the CCP that they are ready to stand up to China’s bullying. As the saying goes, my enemy’s enemy is my best friend.

Ed Styles, edostyles@gmail.com