New PNP chief: Remove erring cops, bust wrongdoings

Policemen in precinct levels all over the country have started cleaning, renovating offices and their communities in anticipation of the Intensified Cleanliness Policy (ICP) of the new PNP chief Lt Gen. Guillermo Eleazar. Based on the broken windows theory, ICP basically states that small problems must be fixed immediately before they get worse. As NCRPO chief then, this was proven effective and highly successful in bringing down more than half of Metro Manila’s crime index.

First, all precincts and stations should be clean and presentable, so people can enter anytime and be served with respect and dedication.

Second, internal cleansing of “erring cops” and eradicating the “culture of wrongdoings among policemen” will be implemented. There must be effective supervision and ‘leadership by example” of officers to their lowest units. No more “palakasan” in police recruitment by introducing QR codes in evaluations.

Third, peace and order problems in every community is the responsibility of all policemen. Street crimes will be disallowed by implementing local ordinances against drinking in public, rumbles and being disrespectful to women. These often times lead to serious crimes.

Illegal drugs of addicts and pushers will be monitored by clustering systems within every locality and assessed by its Barangay Anti-Drug abuse councils (BADAC) .

Communist insurgents, and terrorists will be checked in the grassroots communities. Gen. Eleazar also promised to protect the citizenry from cybercriminals in our information superhighways. “We must always be two steps ahead of them, he said.

In cleaning the 220,000-strong PNP, he asked the citizenry’s help to bring back respect and intensify professionalism for every uniformed man. In the next few days , he will be launching, SUMBONG MO, AKSYON KO! This is his “Improved Complaint Referral and Monitoring System” directing all police stations and units nationwide to respond and give immediate actions and solutions to problems endorsed by the citizens at all times. He assures strict observance in the barangay level.

Well, I will not be surprised if crimes drop big in the next six months. PNP Chief “Guillor” is known for his clear-cut policy against illegal drugs, criminality and intensified internal cleansing. This has brought honor and glory not only to him but the entire police organization.

I wish him best of luck and prayers.

MECQ again or GCQ for NCR?

After 14 months of ECQ, MECQ, GCQ, and MGCQ, the people are clamoring for the soonest relaxing of restrictions for them to take on lost jobs and livelihood here in Metro Manila. There are experts recommending to extend MECQ until May 30, while others say people are already near desperation and may resort to violence.

Actually, the NCR situation is improving. From 7,000 to 10,000 new cases, it is now down to 2,000 and may drop to 1,900. In the March surge, the COVID-19 reproductive number (RN) was 2.1. Now this has dropped to 0.69 on April 25-May 1 and all time low of 0.67 from May 2-8 and stabilizing. I personally believe that the return to GCQ on May 15 is in order.

We are really fortunate here because compared to other countries, their RN are very high, e.g, Brazil (22.6), Colombia (21), Peru (18.3), US (11.6), Russia (5.2), and India (2.9) .

Let us all thank our Lord and, of course, the unified efforts of government, private sector and the medical front liners.