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No rotten eggs

We have some charlatans running for the Senate who, in no way, should be voted in. But we have too many voters who just aren’t well-informed or discerning enough to see through the bluster and lies of the ineligible, and, I’ll be frank, are facile in their thinking.

For starters, don’t vote for anyone who’s got a court case against them. Oh, yes, they may be innocent, as the law asks us to assume, but why take the risk? There are many other alternatives who have no question against them, no court cases, no concern about their moral character.

We need a Senate we can all be proud of, one our children can be proud we chose, that which can give them a better life, look up to, and would want to emulate.

We don’t want one where some may end up in jail, leaving us short of the 24 the Senate needs. We want senators of unquestioned integrity. The key word here is “unquestioned.”


Those with staff members who have been convicted should not be voted for either, because even if their leader does end up escaping judgment and be declared innocent, they are still not innocent of poor leadership. Being a senator is a job where leadership is an essential part of the criteria. If senior staff could steal massively under their noses, their naivete is not a characteristic we want of our leaders. They have to rely on that staff to give them sound advice on bills under consideration. But if such “sound advice” includes enacting bills to make theft easier, then that’s not what we want at all, is it?

On Dec. 3, 2018, I suggested that those running for the Senate who are in their 80s, and those especially in their 90s, should step aside. They should instead act as mentors to younger proteges with a vibrant future.

I went on to say : “If they do continue to insist on running, then I suggest we decide for them. Don’t vote for them, move our vote to younger people to assure us of a full six years of active representation. But in choosing those young people, let’s do it based on their likely competence for the job. Name recognition is NOT a measure of competence… A track record of achievement would be a good start—what has the person done.”

I’m about to turn 80 in June, so I can well speak on this with some authority. We octogenarians know our time is limited, so why would we want to commit to a six-year term where our active involvement is needed by the Filipino people? We should not have vacancies in the Senate that older people dying would create. Those 24 minds are needed in order to pass the best laws, investigate anomalies, ratify treaties and so on. Those in their 80s and older cannot actively work 10 or 12 hours a day, not even eight.


Well, none took my advice and stepped aside. So — don’t vote for them; there are numerous other younger candidates to choose from.

I won’t mention those in the Top 20 I like and will vote for, because they’re going to win anyway. But let me single out two who aren’t in the Top 20, but should be. You should vote for them because of their competence. I’ll start with Serge Osmeña, because he did such a good job in the Senate before. I worked with him on ways to help avert the power crisis. His dedication to his job helped a lot in finding and sourcing the power we needed. He authored or coauthored bills to stop money laundering, to improve the lot of farmers and fishermen, to clean up our air and to allow you to vote from anywhere.


Then there’s Raffy Alunan. Raffy was interior secretary under Fidel V. Ramos. He served as tourism secretary and undersecretary from 1989 to 1992. He also served as president and director of a couple of private firms. He’s proven that he’s more than competent for the job.

Both have done much to improve the business environment, resulting in the creation of more jobs for Filipinos. Both are honest and noncorrupt.

You who read my columns, take an active part. Talk to your staff, to your house help, to everyone you can. Convince them not to let the rotten eggs in the Top 20 in.

* * *

I have been scammed and will appreciate any information about the whereabouts of Craig Wilson and Anna Melissa Mayuyo Ducosin of Turbo Marine. A reward will be given.

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