‘Blatant defiance’

So the self-righteous justices of the Supreme Court have joined the fray and also want Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno’s head on the chopping block for all the misdeeds she is supposed to have committed? The so-called quo warranto petition filed by the Duterte administration’s chief hatchet man
(the solicitor general) is clearly meant as a shortcut to the ouster (impeachment) proceedings going on in Congress.

Look who’s talking? The Bible damns them all in this passage: Let him who is without sin cast the first stone. How dare those justices who have themselves made a continuing mockery of the Constitution try to pass judgment on Sereno for “culpable violation of the Constitution”!

We have checked it out ourselves. In very plain and easily understandable language, the Constitution says cases must be decided by the Supreme Court within two years only. But in reality, the “normal” time for its justices to decide cases is 10 years or more!

We were among the millions of ordinary Filipinos who ratified the Constitution in 1987 and to us, lay people, two years is two years! Not 10 years! And no one seems to be bothered by this blatant defiance of the sovereign will by no less than the Supreme Court justices themselves?

It is quite obvious their order to require Sereno to “answer within 10 days” the quo
warranto petition is just a ruse, an excuse for them to acquire a chunky piece of the action
to kick her out.



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