Improving the 1987 Constitution

Christian Monsod and former chief justice Hilario Davide Jr. are wrong: our Constitution, which they copenned, is not the best in the world and thus, changes are needed (“Top legal minds divided on Charter change,”, 2/22/18).

Here are some examples:

1) The qualifications for the President and other top officials are unrealistic, if not ridiculous: “… read and write” only.

2) Political dynasty is banned “…as provided for by law.” So,
30-plus years later, we have more political dynasties and warlords because the law banning them is still not passed by them.

3) The main reason why congressmen took several months in finding probable cause in impeaching Sereno is because the Constitution is vague: What does “betrayal of public trust” specifically consist of? Don’t leave this to our congressmen to interpret.

(Of course, the other reason is political grandstanding on nationwide TV!)

4) Tax religious organizations, ultrarich religious oligarchs and the very wealthy private schools. Take from the rich and give the tax revenues to the poor and to our public schools.

Let’s all read, study the 1987 Constitution—more improvements can be made. Let us, the people, take the initiative in demanding changes.



Political Lent