Questions on Dengvaxia

My grandson Isaac is one of the 830,000 children administered with the Dengvaxia vaccine. Ordinary layman that I am, I think the core of the problem emanated from political intervention with the consent of former health secretary Janette Garin.

Some questions:

Who gave the order to Garin to purchase and implement? Sino kaya ang “tirador” if she is not the one?

Who gave the assurance for funding?

Who gave the legal basis that it does not  violate election laws?

Why did then President Noynoy Aquino give the go signal after the Sanofi meetings?

For and on behalf of the 830,000 children vaccinated with Dengvaxia, my grandson included, I want to know:

How long do we have to wait for the vaccine to do damage? One, two, three years ?

Does anyone feel the pain of the parents whose children died? Can you quantify the cost for the loss of a loved one?

What is this we hear that drug companies are funding government personnel from the Department of Health, Food and Drug Administration, etc.? Is this country already under “mafia-controlled” multinational drug companies?

Will the government correct the situation?

To DOH and Department of Budget and Management officials under P-Noy, among others, have you considered the future of the 830,000 persons who are still in a quandary until now?

We just hope that your conscience will bother you daily (with sleepless nights coupled with nightmares) for the next 2,274 days (830,000 vaccinated individuals divided by 365 days) if ever you live that long.



Endangering Philippine security