Mocha’s right

Inquirer reporter Philip Tubeza tried to make fun of Presidential Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson in his article titled “Mocha invokes right against self-discri… er, self-incrimination” (News, 10/5). “She almost invented a new legal defense: the right against self-discrimination,” he wrote.

Actually, Uson’s utterance or near-utterance was quite spot on. She could not have invoked any right against self-incrimination for the simple reason that she has not been put under any criminal or administrative investigation for all the jabberwocky she has been posting on her blog.

From where I sat watching her on national TV, she meant to say and assert her “right to self discrimination,” i.e., the right to consider herself different from and above all the rest of human kind who are subject to the elementary rules of fair play and decency. She insisted that as a blogger, she can say whatever or malign anyone she wants and is answerable to no one.

What a schmuck! Where the heck did this woman come from?



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