Large, happy family with no regrets

It sounds like the prochoice have it.

I have six children myself. My husband of 27 years is a retired government employee, and I am a retired school teacher.  We didn’t miss out on anything, we just didn’t have lots of frills. Do I regret it?

Should I regret that my children learned to spend wisely because of the little they had?

Should I regret that my children, on their own, are generous because they know what it’s like to have “juuuust” enough?

Should I regret that my husband and I are close because we have appreciated what the other had given up just so we could send our children to a good school?

I have NO regrets.  Those days brought us close. NO regrets at all.

It does bother me to think that a person who could have made the world a much better place was not given a chance to be born.  Maybe, we have so many problems now because we had stifled the life of someone great.

So. . .  do the prochoice still have it?



Editorial cartoon, March 14, 2017