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I am not a number


The lechon is dripping with succulent fat. I reach for a piece of skin, but before I can take a bite my mother stops me and tells me to scrape all traces of fat off it first. My fingers are oily, and the piece of skin is finally lean and naked. I bite into it.

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The legacy of marriage


It was early in the morning of a school day. My sisters and I were waiting for our parents to stop fighting so our father could take them to school. Silently, we watched, waited, and ate our breakfast of screaming, plate-smashing and door-slamming.

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Finding Wonderland


Have you ever wondered what lies behind the looking glass? Have you ever thought of going down the rabbit hole and finding your own Wonderland?

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It was last year when I had a minor conflict with a long-term friend of mine over what I consider a petty issue (although we are already professionals). Over the months that we did not get to talk to each other because of busy schedules, I was tempted to unfriend her on Facebook. The inviting button with a check mark by the side of the label “friend” drew my hand to click on the “unfriend,” but what does this imply in terms of my personhood and my submergence in this social networking site?

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Stakeholders in love


It takes two to tango, and three’s a crowd, as the famous love quotes say. But is a thought ever spared for the other people in the party who are bothered by your twerking, or for the patient driver (usually your dad) who resignedly waits for you until you’re ready to go home?

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Big holes and bigger dreams


I’ve been staring at this hole in the ceiling for hours now. I can’t sleep. I think my body clock was ruined by the long holiday vacation, when all I did was watch television until 3 a.m.

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Standing by


I wish I can tell a story of how I took someone to dinner and had the best Valentine’s Day ever. But no. I had an elaborate plan: Go home, eat pizza and doughnuts (probably with a couple of beers) while watching my favorite Friday-evening TV show, until I weather the “Day of Hearts.” I made sure to steer clear of what I call “love nests”: shopping malls, restaurants, night-out strips, any public space where there’s a high chance of spotting canoodling couples. Of course, the plan was doomed to fail.

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Loving You


Life is full of surprises. Many things elude my understanding. Many things happen without us knowing why. Therefore, it is not necessary to understand all things; acceptance is the only thing required.

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So you want to be happy, eh? Piece of cake, youngster. Just get good grades and finish school, land a high-paying job, find Mr./Ms. Right, settle down, and have a wonderful family.

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I learned in my psychology class that the more you love someone, the more you distance yourself from him. It’s probably because you are afraid to show your true colors, my psychology teacher said.

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Young and jaded


I don’t think I’ve experienced something sufficiently cathartic to warrant this precious space. That fact, however, was what propelled me to write about every wrong thing about myself and to finally come up with the answer to the biggest question of all: Why? Why have I reached the ripe age of 18 and still have nothing particularly worth telling in my life? My life is a flat line, so to speak.

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Youths behaving ‘badly’


The context is different. One case involved a petition at the US Supreme Court by two employers who wished to be exempted from a provision in the Healthcare Act (aka “Obamacare”) because providing contraception to their employees offended their religious beliefs. The other concerns the Philippine Supreme Court which is due to release—soon, it is hoped—its ruling determining whether the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Law is constitutional or, as some petitioners contend, violates the Constitution for, among other things, offending the religious sensibilities of some.

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