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Fateful day


Truly, fact can often be stranger than fiction. Aug. 21 is one date in postwar Philippine history that seems thoroughly uncanny, that seems almost unearthly.

Two fateful events happened on that day.

The first, and now less remembered, was the bombing of Plaza Miranda in 1971. It was the miting de avance of the Liberal Party preparatory to the senatorial elections in November of that year. All the LP senatorial candidates were there, except for Ninoy Aquino who was delayed. A couple of grenades were hurled onto the stage, which shook the entire plaza with their explosions. In the aftermath of the pandemonium, the stage lay in shambles, a couple of people were dead, but almost unbelievably none of them included the candidates.

For a while, though, that was not certain. Jovito Salonga lay at death’s door afterward, carrying more than a hundred pieces of shrapnel in his body, one of them within a hair’s breadth of his aorta. His wounds confined him to hospital for months, early on in near-coma. He was unable to campaign, but magically topped the senatorial elections anyway.

Even more magically, if surrealistically, after being reckoned as not being long for this world, his health having taken a huge beating, he has managed to outlive everyone. Including the then very young Ramon Mitra, who was unhurt by the blasts but who died way back of cancer.

The second and still well-remembered event was the assassination of Ninoy at the airport that now bears his name. The event spawned an entire organization, Atom, the August Twenty-One Movement, built around the date and what it signified. That is pretty much the only thing recalled today when Aug. 21 comes around.

But the two events are fascinating for telling a magic-realist story all their own. That story is the beginning and end of martial law. That story is the rise and fall of a dictator.

Immediately after the Plaza Miranda bombing, Marcos suspended the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus, which everyone thought was a dry run to martial law. Everyone knew that Marcos had dictatorial ambitions, his ruthlessness, his desire to win at all costs, as shown by his reelection which raised the roof on electoral violence and the Plaza Miranda bombing itself, pointing to it. But everyone suspected he would attempt it in the latter part of 1973 when the presidential election drew near. Having already served two terms, he was banned from running again. He surprised everyone by declaring martial law more than a full year in advance. He surprised everyone even more by getting little resistance from it.

But it was the bombing of Plaza Miranda on Aug. 21, 1971, that heralded all this. The writing was on the wall for those who could read it. A bomb lay underneath the stage on which Juan de la Cruz sat bidding to rescue the country from its mournful lot. A dark night lay ahead, and he would not see the light until after 14 years.

Immediately after the murder of Ninoy, the country rose to attend his funeral. Over a million followed his torn body down the streets, which was not to be duplicated until his widow, Cory, died more than two-and-a-half decades later. The event was ignored by the muzzled press. The Daily Express—also known as the “Daily Suppress”—had for its banner story someone dying after being struck by lightning. But the silence made it roar out all the more, a roar that would soon issue from the mouths of a people that thought they had lost their voice.

“Justice for Aquino, justice for all,” the people cried. What had been done to Ninoy was the culmination of what had been done to them, to a nation that had known the whiplash of martial law, that had felt the talons of martial law.

The culmination of “justice for all” happened less than three years later at Edsa. But it was the assassination of Ninoy Aquino on Aug. 21, 1983, that galvanized it, that sparked it. The writing on the wall was there for those who could read it, for those who would heed it. Marcos could not, Marcos would not.

But it’s surreal or divine, uncanny or sublime, that the same date in the calendar, albeit a dozen years apart, should foretell the beginning and end of things, should augur for damnation and salvation, should foreshadow subjugation and liberation.

It gets weirder: Though both events were laid squarely at the doorstep of Marcos, it remains debatable whether he had a hand in them directly or indirectly. Years later, Salonga himself would accuse the communists of having wrought the Plaza Miranda bombing, based on the word of one of them who confessed to it not long afterward while on trial for his life for “revolutionary crimes.” For whatever that was worth: As the “killing fields” of 1988 would show, rebels tended to invent stories when on trial for their lives, hoping they could buy time, if not freedom.

And to this day, of course, whatever Juan Ponce Enrile claims, it remains a tossup who ordered Ninoy murdered. Marcos himself hovered between life and death from lupus at that time.

Whatever the case, the fact remains that Marcos lay like a spider at the center of this web. Not least, he was responsible for the spate of bombings that took place in 1971 and 1972, as he planted the seeds of justification for martial law. If he was not himself responsible for the Plaza Miranda bombing, he did not find it unwelcome, finding in it the very justification he sought. And it was the logic of martial law, with the not very petty jealousies it spawned between Marcos’ cronies and generals about who would succeed him if and when he went, that made Ninoy’s elimination inevitable.

The first brought on his rise, the second his fall. The first brought on his doing, the second his undoing.

Today is Aug. 21. Spare a thought for this fateful day.

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  • buninay1

    The collective mind of the Filipinos have long been held captive by the Aquinos’ rise and fall or life cycle. First we have the elder Aquino whom Marcos accused of complicity with the Japanese occupation forces, Then came Ninoy who made a name for himself as an intrepid war correspondent in the Korean conflict. He went on to become a public servant from a being a peace emissary to being a full blown senator whose presidential ambition was cut short by Marcos’ declaration of Martial Law. In no time, he got detained for more than seven years, was freed and allowed to go to the US for medical reason, returned to the country not entirely incognito and was summarily slain right in the tarmac.

    His widow rose to power after a fiercely contested snap election was rigged to favor Marcos and EDSA people power heaved up to demand change of guards in Malacanang. Unfortunately, Cory Aquino was not able to keep the tabs on her relatives and friends who had a field day in cornering juicy contracts with the govt. She, too, was just so uneviably naive to have the congress restored to its former perk-provided and pork-satiated self, ditching the parliamentary system for good.

    A clone succeeded her until Erap came along only to be booted out of office by EDSA jr. benefiting no less than the teacher of Pnoy, GMA, who almost sold hook line and sinker the whole country to the Chinese and muslim separatists in the south and made a mess out of what is left of political integrity in the country. To make a long story short, Pnoy put the Aquino name back on the map by becoming the 15th president of the republic.

    Capitalizing on the legacy of his parents, he took over the helm of power from his discredited teacher vowing to deliver the bacon resulting from corrupt-free and efficient good governance. Calling the people his boss whose orders he will obey, he launched his electoral platform Daang Matuwid into an official strategic blueprint with the end in view of uplifting the economic condition of the impoverished Filipinos with the right economic programs combined with surgical removal of corruption from the govt.

    As proven by the recent developments, Pnoy remains enamored with the old school paradigm that for congress to grant his legislative wishes, he should never forget to dangle before the lawmakers’ eyes the carrot hanging on stick that sticks out of the cavernous mouth of a roast pig. He just can not give up the pork barrel that has been making things easy for him to secure the laws which he wants passed like for instance the controversial RH law and the law on raising the sin taxes. He seems to feel weak at the very thought that he will deal with a passive, non-committal congress for the rest of his term if pork barrel gets abolished. He dreads the idea of facing a hostile den of starving lions from whom pork chops will be forever denied.

    The optimal action now for him is to hedge his chances of surviving this most edgy and iffy episode in his presidential career, on the possibility that the disgruntled people and insulted taxpayers are just bluffing that they will come out and voice their outrage in one great gathering this coming Aug. 26, incidentally our National Heroes day. He probably still thinks that the Cory Magic and Ninoy’s Martyrdom will save him from the wrath of the people. If he is under that impression, he is really no different from his predecessors like GMA, Erap and Marcos who believed the critical mass should first be demonstrated for a crowd to say its sentiments are worth looking into otherwise they should be dismissed outright. Rather than taking the sentiments for what they truly are, probably Pnoy will highlight instead the fact that upcoming rally is poorly attended and that no big name personality like him graced the event.

    If he did that he will only have himself to blame for the consequences of not listening to the clamor of his bosses. The consequences can take so many forms for as long as right thinking Filipinos believe we are being had and some correction radical or gradual should be afoot, not tomorrow, nor next year, but as soon as possible.

    Why am I ranting on like this? Because primarily I do not want a legacy passed down to us by Ninoy Aquino be squandered just like that by his misfiring son over the laughably simple quandary of whether to retain the stinky pork barrel or not. Ninoy Aquino had shown his son the true straight way 30 long years ago. On the question of which to embrace between ill-gotten wealth and death, he would chose the latter with conviction and resounding glory and honor for his beloved land.

  • joni_depp

    Cory once accused Danding Cojuangco of masterminding Ninoy’s murder. But, when relations between the cousins warmed up later on, Cory became mum about who really murdered Ninoy. The Cojuangcos went on their merry way. Amassing great wealth and great power. While Cory, Peping, Danding, Tony Boy and their families all reaped the windfall from Cory’s ascension into power because of Ninoy’s death, Ninoy was left alone in his grave. Nobody even tried to get to the bottom of his murder. Not even when his wife and his son, holding the most powerful position in the land, could have moved the heavens to solve the most mysterious murder in modern Philippine history.

    Why did Cory and her family not pursue investigating the murder of her husband? A possible clue: blood is thicker than water.

    • tagasugod

      Ibig mong sabihin, mawawala na lang ng ganun ganun ang galit ni Cory sa mga nagpapatay sa kanyang asawa? Kung asawa mo pinatay at natuklasan mong pinsan mo pumatay, magwawalang kibo ka kaya? Ganun ba Joni? Ang babaw mo.

      • Antenor F Cevallos

        Malalim si Santa Cory. Sabi nga ni joni_depp: blood is thicker than water. Kadugo niya si Danding. Si Ninoy, naging mag-asawa sila dahil lang sa business purpose: politicis plus funding.

  • tagasugod

    Yung mga comment dito, siguro puro Marcos loyalist o kaya Pnoy haters. Kung hindi napasali si Marcos sa ating kassaysayan baka naging mas maganda ang kinabukasan ng ating bayan. Isang matalino ngunit sakim na lider, sinira ni Marcos ang ating bayan. Basahin ninyo at pag=aralang mabuti ang kasaysayan ng ating lahi at malalaman ninyo ang katotohanan. Kawawang mga Pinoy.

    • magiting78

      Malamang uhugin ka pa nung nang yari yun….malamang ang nababasa mong kasaysayan ngaun ay retokado…Pag aralan mong mabuti ang kasaysayan wag ka dumepende sa nakasulat sa aklat bagkus tumungo ka dun sa mga liblib na lugar pumanayam ka ng mga tao at tanungin sila…lalo na yaong malapit ng mamatay sila ang mas nakakaalam ng totoong kasaysayan. Boses nila ay hnd marinig, tinakpan ng maingay na politika at propaganda ng mga makakaliwang grupo, kagaya ni Ninoy na dating kadre ng kilusan, Kung nabubuhay si Ninoy malamang katulad na tayo ng tsina na isang komunistang bansa.
      Hindi pumayag si Enrile at ang kamag anak ng kanyang asawa na tayo ay maging komunista sapagkat mawawala ang kanilang yaman.
      Si Enrile ang may ambisyon na pumalit ki Marcos nun at kanang kamay nya ang gumagalaw yan ay si Gringo Honasan, subalit nakita nila na wala silang suporta, sa pagkat ang karamihan ng sundalo ay Loyal ki Marcos.
      Kaya ang natatangi na lamang nilang alas ay si Ninoy na isang kilalang katunggali ni Marcos sa pulitika, pag napatay nila si Ninoy sa malamang mag alsa ang mamayan laban sa pamahalaan, subalit hnd ito nangyari.
      Nung mag karoon ng snap eleksyon nanalo pa rin c Marcos laban ki Cory subalit nag palabas sila ng isang propaganda na dinaya ang election pinalalabas nila na si cory ang nanalo. Subalit pakana lamang ito ni Enrile, Cojuanco at FVR, upang lalong mag alsa ang sambayanan dito sila nag karoon ng pag asa na ibagsak c Marcos sapagkat na bibilang na rin ang araw nila natakdang ipapatay ni Gen Fabian Ver c FVR at Enrile kaya itong dalawa ay nag tago sa Camp Aguinaldo.
      Kung iyong matatandaan, kung ikaw ay nasa hustong gulang na, makailang ulit na tinangka ni Honasan na mag lunsad ng Kudeta upang agawin ang kapangyarihan ki Cory subalit na bigo sila nun, sa pagkat si FVR ay may ambisyon din maging pangulo, kaya hnd nya sinupurtahan ang kudeta…

      • tagasugod

        Hindi na ako uhugin nang mangyari ang pagpatay kay Ninoy. I was born in 1955. So mali ang iyong assunption. College na ako nang i declare ang martial law. Sa tingin ko bata ka pa, hanggang Honassan ka pa lang. I was in grade 1, Carlo P. Garcia was the pres. Then Macapagal and so on. Kung inabot mo ang mga araw na yun, matutuwa ka. Ang dollar1:2 or lesser. Working abroad was not an option. Deducing from the above arguments you really don’t have a real grasp of history. I am a witness Marcos’ atrocity. His military tribunal sentenced my uncle to life imprisonment. An ordinary farmer who was accused of a petty crime of stealing chicken, the charges were multiplied to include murder, robbery etc. Why is a farmer be tried by a tribunal? Because his opponent has the connections. He was jailed, but upon review of his case by a civil court he was acquitted and was proven innocent. That was when after Marcos has already left the country. Bakit ko sinasabi ito? Dahil totoo. I am a farmer too. I am a son of a farmer and I know how was it to be shortchanged by Marcos. Yung kita namin sa tubo (sugar cane) may bawas. Unaudited. Sa niyog (coconut) may bawas. coco levy daw. Unaudited. (it was later ruled that coco levy funds are public funds). These are incontrovertible facts and properly documented.Pupunta yon sa kamay ni Marcos. Kaya ayaw niyang bumitaw sa kapangyarihan. Pag nawala na siya mabubulgar ang kanyang katakawan. He stole in billions of dollars from the people. Kaya ayaw niya kay Ninoy, baka maging kapalit niya, at kaya marahil ipinapatay. He has the biggest motive to do so. And also Enrile, Ver and Imelda. They were the primary suspects. Honassan figured in much later. Do you want some lessons in history? I can lecture you from Luis Taruc, to Dante Buscayno, from Garcia to Noynoy. I can lecture you about Misuari, The birth of MNLF, the Jabiddah massacre, our claims to Sabah, The China Sea, the koumintang from Taiwan when When they were persecuted by Mao tse Tung. Read your history my young dear. Dont be misled by lies. Read the papers, but dont believe all that are published. Be discernful. Bye bye nad enjoy the weekend.

      • magiting78

        You have different experience than I do…Yes you are correct by the time of Garcia life is good, and I would say till Marcos, but when he was replace by Cory..massive corruption to all level of government begun…and our missery begun….Ninoy was a traitor to our country in the case of Sabah, Marcos build a messionary soldier to occupy Sabah, but Ninoy devulge the information, that’s why Jabidahh Massacre happened…You don’t need to lecture me about those people because I have a personal experience on them…I was one of the infeltrator of Kilusan….I was able to have face to face conversesion with kumander dante…I was a undercover, I am a member of Philippine Constabulary…And I was one of the body guard of Cong. Crisologo. I was one of the peace keeping force and South Korea.and Vietnam…That’s why I knew what kind of men Enrile and Ninoy are ….By the way I was Born 1945…so I am older than you…

      • tagasugod

        Kaya pala, sundalo ka pala. Soldiers were trained to obey. They are the most disciplined people, and also they are neat and clean, until marcos corrupted your ranks. he paid the generals and ranking officers of of the AFP and the police. Why was he oblige to do that? To buy their loyalty, of course. Without the military his martial law will not survive. Yes, you, the low ranking soldiers were double crossed an received the raw end of the deal. Yes you should have known better.The corruption in the military is very hard to reverse, that was instituted by Marcos. Dati, noong bata ako, pag nakakita ako ng militar,feel safe ako. Dahil ang sundalo noon iginagalang. Nang dahil kay marcos,ngayon sila ay kinatatakutan at kinamumuhian lalo na ang mga heneral.
        Isa pa, mali yata ang history mo sa Jabidah. The information about Jabidah came about because one of the trainee survive the massacre and went to Ninoy to tell his story and ordeal. Marcos massacre the muslim soldiers because the soldiers learned that their mission was to fight yheirfellow muslims in Sabah. Ipinapatay sila ni Marcos. Sino ang traidor? Ay naku, balikan mo ang kasaysayan medyo sablay ka dyan, sir

      • magiting78

        Nope Tama yan sir…kaya sila pinapatay dahil na bisto ang misyon nila at yun ay dahil ki Ninoy. para walang ebedensya pinatay ang grupo it so happen may nabuhay na isa at itinago ni Ninoy…

      • tagasugod

        Dapat lang na sila’y ibisto. Ang Tanong! Bakit kailangang sila’y ipapatay? Di ba si marcos ang commander in chief nila? Ganyan gumagalaw ang isip ni marcos. Kung kailangan kang patayin, ipapapatay ka. Maging kapwa ka PILIPINO. Sinong pangulo ang ang pumapatay sa sarili niyang kababayan at mga sundalo pa? Si marcos lang, Si Ninoy pa kaya ang hindi niya ipapatay? Ngayon, sino ang taksil? Sino ang kriminal? Kung talagang sundalo ka, at kung ikaw ang nas katayuan ng mga sundalong ipinapatay, wala na sanang ama ang iyong mga anak ngayon,o lolo ang iyong mga apo, at sana wala akong kausap ngayon. Magpasalamat ka at hindi ka napasama sa kanila. Pagpalain ka nawa ng panginoon.

      • magiting78

        Nope its called mercy killing, if they haven’t killed we might end up having war with Malaysia…Marcos did not order killing Ninoy..Killing Ninoy was the last strategy of Enrile and Cojuanco’s, hnd nila kayang itumba at talunin c Marcos sa election kaya nag isip sila ng paraan. Martial Law was Enrile’s idea, Plaza Miranda’s bombing was orchestrated by Enrile to justify the implementation of Martial Law. Before Ninoy assassination Enrile is subject to assassination by Gen Ver group including FVR that’s why they hide in camp aguinaldo. They were ordered to kill by Marcos because Enrile had a massive illgotten wealth he is become more richer than Marcos…(Try to researche what are the properties of Enrile and FVR). And Enrile was forming a military junta to bring down the dictatorship of marcos and be replace by him, and his berdugo was Col. Gringo Honasan and his Mistah this was detected by Marcos. They have no option but to create a diversionary tactic to caught the attention of civilians at pag alsahin ang mamayan. Si Ninoy ay kilalang tagatuligsa ni Marcos at May ambisyon din maging presidente, hindi ito ibig ni Enrile sapagkat pagnagkataon, namatay c Marcos siguradong papalit sa kanya ay si Ninoy..Kung natatandaan mo ang sabi ni marcos ” No one can replace me as President of the RP but only Ninoy” they were frat brother. Na bagabag si Enrile d2, kaya ang solusyon Patayin c Ninoy at the same time magagalit ang mamayan ki marcos at mag aalsa ito. Sapul 2 ibon sa isang bato. Pero hnd p din nangyari ang ibig ni Enrile at ng mga Cojuanco’s. Nung magkaroon ng snap election nanalo pa rin si Marcos subalit pinalabas nilang nandaya c Marcos at c Cory ang nanalo pero ang totoo nanalo c Marcos ginawa nila ito upang magalit ang taong bayan, Kinausap nila ang mga kumakalaban noon ki Marcos kasama n ang simbahan upang gumawa ng malaking demonstrasyon at ito nga yung Edsa 1. Kung iyong malalaman nung kasagsagan ng rally sa EDSA c Cory ay nasa Cebu ayaw nyang sumama, subalit pinilit sya ng kanyang mga kamag anak at nila Enrile at FVR kaya lumuwas sya ng Maynila at sumama sa rally. Subalit hnd p sana matitinag si Marcos kasi karamihan ng kasundaluhan ay loyal sa kanya. Nag mungkahi c Gen Ver n bombahin ang EDSA kaya maraming mga tanke de gera ang dumating, subalit hindi ito pinayagan ni Marcos ayaw nya maraming mamayan ang mamatay, kahit na alam nyang marami pa din ang nais sya ang mamuno mas minarapat nyang umalis upang hnd n lumubha ang gulo…..”Ninoy was never been a Hero…He was a sacrificial lamb of Cojuanco’s and Enrile”…and Cory was never been a real president, she was a puppet president of her clans. But Enrile still eager to be a president that’s why there lots of coup attempt by time of cory, but cory was back up by then Cardinal Sin and FVR that’s why no coup de etat succeed…

      • tagasugod

        Your very first sentence in your post above contradicts all your arguments before. “We might end up having war with Malaysia”. The very purpose of training JABIDAH is war. And so thats it. We are on two different planes. Yours is a theory,mines are facts. We may have different views, diametrically opposed at that, and different heroes who are poles apart, but we are both Filipinos having the same wish for the country. But we cannot alter history. You have your own version of it, sad to say. Good bye and have a nice day.

  • buninay1

    Because it is Buwan ng Wika, let me humbly score this poem entitled:

    Tatlumpong taon na pusila.

    Ano ba yan, nabinbin na ang hustisyang hinahanap-hanap
    tatlong dekadang ang puso at isip natin ay sisinghap-singhap
    biruin mo ba namang umabot sa ganito ang ating pangarap
    na tila wala nang sagot kahit man lang sa hinagap.

    Ano ba yan dalawang kamag-anak mandin ang umupo sa silya
    kahit na isang silip man lang sana sa katotohanan ay naglaho na
    bakit kaya napabayaan nang husto ang paghingi ng hustisya
    na managot sa batas ang gumawa sa krimeng bumalandra?

    Ito ba ang bunga ng ipinaglaban ng bayan kong sawi
    ang malibing sa limot ang katotohanang hinihingi
    at tuloy sa kangkongan ang lahat ay sa dulo mauwi
    at nang ang maghari sa bayan ay ang bulok na dating gawi?

    Ito ba ang minanang yamang nagmula sa dugong nalustay
    sa bala ng mapangyurak maraming buhay ang binistay
    anupat ang dugo ni Ninoy ay isa rin sa mga yagit na sa agos ay natangay
    ng mapangahas na paraan na kung sinong berdugo ang pumanday?

    Nagtatanong lang po ang isang abang mamamayan
    sa ngalan ng maramin pang nagiisip at nagtatakang Eba at Adan.
    Bakit nga ba tila napabayaan ang pinamanang makislap na kayamanan
    ang paghahanap sa tuwina ng katarungan, kalayaan at katotohanan?

    Isang kabalintunaan ang nakikita at nadarama ng bayan ngayon
    malayo na tayo sa dapat tahakin sa dako pa roon
    pinalayo pa nang husto sa pag aakalang ang araw sa dapit-hapon
    ay pagbukang liwayway at hindi isang baluktot na pagkagumon.

    Bayang nalugmok huwag matulog o maidlip man lamang
    hindi ito ang pangarap na ibininhi ni Ninoy na pinaslang
    ang patuloy na pandrambong at pagabuso sa bait ng bayan
    ay pagpatay din ng pagasang guminhawa at yumaman.

    Mariin nating tutulan ang pagkapit tuko sa huwad na sistema
    na ang nais lamang ay masiguro ang ganid na pagbulsa
    sa salaping ipinangalan sa mga dukhang magsasaka
    upang mapalakas at mapuspos ang mumunting paghahari nila.

    Iwaksi ang mapagsamantalang paglustay sa buwis
    at nang matapos na ang matagal na kawalan at hinagpis
    Putulin ang pagkakanlong sa mga kinakati at di makatiis
    na magnakaw at maniba hanggang ang estado ay numipis.

    Ang katotohanan, katarungan at kalayaan ay mga aral na alay
    ng pagpanaw ni Ninoy at ng kanyang pagkabalubay
    Huwag nating hayaang pati sila’y malason at mangisay
    sa pagtakip ng anak niya sa lechong baboy na ipinamimigay.

    Minsan pa ay bumangon taumbayang binusabos
    llagay sa sariling kamay kapangyarihan ay ibuhos
    ang tiwalang iginawad ay may lakip na pagtutuos
    hindi ito winawaldas, sinasayang, inuubos.

    Tayo na sa bagong bukas na ginuhit ng magigiting
    hinabi na mga bayani upang sa ligaya ay makapiling
    ang mga anak na iniluwal at kanilang magiging supling
    sa gitna ng malaya, malinis, sariwa at marangal na lilim.

    • franciscoyapanalagbate

      Inyong marapatin na ako ay maki-bahagi:

      Ang nakaraan ay bahagi ng ngayon at bukas;
      Gawin ang aral at wag manatili sa araw na lumipas;
      Walang sisihan para oras natin di mawaldas;
      Tumingin sa paroroonan at di maligaw sa liku-likong landas.

      Ang pagbibintang ay madali at mabilis;
      Ngunit kulang sa pagpapakita ng malinis;
      Na mga katibayang di napapanis;

      Bakit mo nanaisin na maging bayaning-patay;
      Kung maaari namang bayaning-buhay na buhay.
      Di kaya pangsariling interes lamang;
      Ang naging gabay sa pangarap na Panguluhan.

      Katarungan ay di makikita at di makakamtan;
      Kung hindi hahanapin, o ayaw masilayan;
      Dahil nga kaya ito ay kanila nang alam;
      At ayaw lang nilang ipaalam sa bayan.

      Ang sinomang nasa sa hapag ng kapangyarihan;
      Ay di magiging makatotohanan magpakailan man;
      Pang sariling interes ang tunay na pangangalagaan;
      Bahala kayo mga Pinoy sa inyong buhay-buhay.

      Parang weder-weder lang ang ating demokrasya;
      Kung sino-sino’ng namuno sa bayan ay puro disgrasya;
      Kurakot dito at kurakot duon sa perang di kanila;
      Walang kabusugan, kasiyahan sa pag-ngasab nila.

      Talo pa nila ang mga pirata sa karagatan;
      Taguri sa kanila’y mga pirata ng katihan;
      Mga baboy nga sa kanilang katauhan
      Di alintana, kapakanan ng lugmok na bayan.

      Kaya mga kababayan sa susunod na halalan;
      Wag iboto, at ibasura mga tulisang magnanakaw;
      Tapos na ang mga pamilyang nagha-hari-harian;
      Maging matalino, nasa kamay natin ang magandang kinabukasan.

      Sa kasalukuyang namumuno diyan sa Palasyo ng Bayan;
      Makinig, sumunod, sa pagbabagong nais na makamtan;
      Kung di makikinig sa utos ng pinangakuang BOSS mong tunay;
      Maging matalino, baka ikaw’y damputin sa kangkungan o sa babuyan.

      Mabuhay ang Pilipinong bayan ng mga bayani’t Maharlika;
      Nasa ating mga kamay ang muling pagiging dakila;
      Tayo’y maki-alam, kumilos, gumising, magka-isa sa puso’t diwa;
      Tayo para sa bayan ay gumawa, nasa Diyos ang himala at ang awa.


  • johnllander

    Kung susuriin natin, yung mga nagco-comments na pro corona noong impeachment ay mahahalata mo na sila ngayon yung mga pro-marcos, pro-dictator!!!!

    Wala na silang magawa, napatalsik na ng mga tao ang isang makapangyarihan na sakim sa pwesto at pera. Ang pwede na lang nilang gawin ay tabihan nila yung bangkay ng diktador sa kanyang mosuleyo sa Ilokos!


    We are not suffering from dementia. We are just very weak in evaluating characters. We tend to believe or give our trust to flowery words rather than to see what they have or what the family had done in the past. We tend to give premium friendship to people belonging to the higher ladder and despise those that are in the lower strata. So when we vote we vote unwisely. WE HAVE NOT FULLY DEVELOPED OUT SIXTH SENSE. and positive emotions like EMPATHY.

  • 82hbf01

    “Justice for Aquino, justice for all,”. . .For more than 30 Years now, did it happen?. .Was the mastermind identified & punished? (That for me is justice). .Did the removal of Marcos from power, Presedencies of Cory & P-noy . . .indeed the results of that murder. . give justice to Ninoy Aquino? . . For me still it did not. . .Will the reluctance of his wife President Cory then in power . . and now his son, President Noynoy Aquino. . to identify the mastermind and be punished. . are the acts we have to do to give justice to my husband (for Cory). . .to my father (for Noynoy Aquino?. . The latter is more passionate in ousting Chief Justice Corona instead (by a non-impeachable offense of SALN. . forced the congressmen & senators into that act via the control of the power of PORK-BARREL). . .Who then will give justice to my idol Ninoy?. . CONCLUSION: the mastermind may be close or within the family circle of Cory & Noynoy Aquino. . “Why investigate?. . We already got the objectives of his murder. . Ninoy is already in the halls of heroes. . we are already in power. . .tho’ we lost hacienda Luisita but we hit the man who did that. . our wealth via pork barrel had multiplied a million fold greater than the hacienda. . “. . could be a silent whisper in slow movement of the wind. . “We are safe. .”

    • franciscoyapanalagbate

      For the most part, I agree with you. But for me Mr. Ninoy Aquino is not a hero. He didn’t die for the Filipinos. He died for his ambition of getting the title “President of the Philippines”s. That what he all craved for like a baby craving for a lollipop. He’s not a hero. Time will come for the genuine truth to come out vis-a-vis Mr. Aquino’s death. Is it not any wonder why the mother and son who became presidents DIDN’T even try to know, (most likely they know now who is the mastermind), and make public who the real mastermind is of Mr. Aquino’s killing?. And even maybe they didn’t want to disclose it so that they may have an infinite source of issue in the future. But their actions would preclude them to use it in the future when they are no longer in power. In his case ALL of the Filipino people MUST see the tree and the forest at the same time. God bless the Philippines.

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