ABS-CBN should punish Vice, hire professional hosts


King Solomon wrote the Book of Proverbs in the Bible. Chapter 10 verse 31 says: “The mouth of the righteous brings forth wisdom, but a perverse tongue will be cut off.”

On this note, I am dipping a finger into the kerfuffle recently created by a Neanderthal in his gig at a large venue where he lampooned a respectable television journalist in carte blanche fashion. I am referring to someone with the moniker Vice Ganda. Suing him is not enough, if we go by what King Solomon said.

As to Charo Santos-Concio, president and CEO of ABS-CBN and his boss who was seen responding to his “joke” with a sardonic laugh, she must learn some lessons in good manners and right conduct, a subject drilled into the hearts and minds of public elementary school pupils way back in the past.  I hope she has nothing to do with the script, and hope further that the mention of Jessica Soho’s name was accidental, not intentional.

On another note, can’t ABS-CBN get the likes of Eddie Ilarde, Pepe Pimentel, Tony Quirino and Bob Ledesma who were professional as TV hosts, whether in the way they talk and in the way they dress. Paging Mr. Gabby Lopez. Please look into this!


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  • Mark F

    I think this author needs to be reminded that the incident he was alluding to did not happen on live TV. This “joke” happened on a paid concert for specific viewers and not for everyone. Manuel must be thinking that Vice does this antics all the time even on TV. For Pete’s sake, who would want Vice delivering such lines on TV with millions of viewers watching?!? Use your common sense, Manuel. When on TV, Vice knows where and how to deliver his lines. He is more reserved and careful when opening his mouth knowing that he is under watchful eyes and ears.

    Now, going back to his concert. This concert was a mixed up of comedy bar / variety concert. Naturally, Vice will act they way he used to act in a comedy bar. Otherwise, people will find it boring and not worthy to watch. That’s why this was a paid concert so, not everyone can get in. People know what they will get once they go in. Whatever happens inside is not for public consumption but, for only those people who paid for it. I guess you have never been inside a comedy bar in the US, huh?!?

    So, next time before you express your thoughts make sure you know the real facts first. Adios!

    • elowpo


      • Mark F

        An imbecile replying to my post with garbage…

    • MyCountryMyLove

      Since you said “That’s why this was a paid concert so, not everyone can get in. People know what they will get once they go in. Whatever happens inside is not for public consumption but, for only those people who paid for it.”

      You mean those who paid are private persons? Hundreds of hundreds of private persons are still private?

      So how do you define public vs private now? Wake up to your senses please. Your reasoning is so blatantly imbecile.

      • Mark F

        And why do we need to argue about which is public and private?!? For what purpose?

        You don’t understand the logic I’m saying here. Of course, when I said public consumption I was referring to the people in general, regardless of age. People who normally watch TV and not some of the people that is willing to pay Vice just to see him perform in a concert.

        Now, tell me. If you don’t want to hear nor see Vice perform like this then, don’t go to his concerts. As easy as that! But mind you, there would still be a lot of people who will continue to patronize him and will pay big money. Acts inside comedy bars are even much worst than what Vice did. So, what? Are you advocating the ban of performers in comedy bars also?!??

        Your response seems to borderline in between insecurities and overacting.

    • stromboli67

      You seem to imply that because the performance was in a paid venue there would be no ethical and moral boundaries for the comedian’s jokes. Further, you are suggesting that US comedians could talk about any subject under the sun without restraints. You are wrong on both counts. Society will react to acts that go to the extreme that violate its cultural sensibilities and ethos. As to US comedy shows, let me cite examples of American comedians who got into hot water for crossing certain boundaries even in a society that has high regard for free speech: 1) Daniel Tosh – there was outrage about his gang rape joke; 2) Michael Richards for his racist jokes; 3) Tracy Morgan for homophobic jokes. You can’t make excuses for some jokes that are hurtful and demeaning to certain segments of society and not expect adverse reactions.

      • Mark F

        I bet you never really bothered watching the whole skit that Vice did that involve Soho, huh?! I guess you just watched the part that you wanted to hear and that’s it…

        FYI, if you have an open mind and watch the whole skit you would realized that Vice’s joke about Soho was not all about gang rape. It was Soho’s weight he was alluding too… Well, which is actually true if you ask me

        It was Soho who made it a gang rape issue for more drama and you bought into it.. Now, if someone makes fun of you because of your weight can that be considered a racist joke or homophobic?!? Did you not make the same mistake even at least once in you life joking about your relatives nor friends weight?

        Lastly, why is it we can demean and make hurtful jokes to politicians and other people that we don’t generally like and yet, we can not do it against someone like Soho…

      • stromboli67

        Nice try trying to defend what is indefensible. Even Vice recognized the need to apologize. Here’s the acid test – if you think the act is acceptable should Vice repeat the same performance? No? Yes?

        As to the politicians, you are comparing the proverbial oranges and apples. The jokes about the politicians are about their acts of malfeasance which are valid targets not only for jokes but also criminal prosecutions.

    • jElly_aCe

      hindi katwiran na sa ” paid venue” c vice at wla sa tv nangyare ang bad joke. kht saang angulo tignan , mpa tv o concert o private room as long as may audience at gnagawa mong joke ang damdamin ng iba ay panglalaet pa rin. sa trabaho ni vice dpt maging sensitive sya sa dapat at hindi dapat at kung tlagang wla syang gustong saktan o tpakan, bakit kelangan nya pang lumayo? tumingin sya sa paligid nya, umpisahan nya sarili nya, laitin nya sarili nya, family nya, mga co chosts nya, frends na ckat, co becky at most of all mga bosses nya. tapos!

      • Mark F

        You talked like you never hurt someone else feelings before. You talked like you never joked on somebody’s physical, mental nor emotional deficiencies since you were at grade school. C’mon.. He or She that comes clean throw the rock first… I bet you won’t even dare to come forward.

        FYI, Vice has made fun of almost every public figure on all his concerts. He made fun of his fellow artists, politicians and even Charo Santos. Now, make up your mind.

      • ApoNiLolo

        Perhaps, but had he (VG) experience being sued of slander or libel he would be careful with his words or whom his making fun of. Or perhaps someone told him that he is very liable for his action or else he won’t air his “famas” apology.

      • mijacogeo

        Contrary to Mr Mark F’s perception, Jessica Soho “let the fat jokes go”–meaning she stated that she was not complaining of the “fat jokes.”

        What she was complaining about was the gang-rape jokes.

        Now, it might not be merely “politically correct” to some to joke about a person’s weight, the skin color or any physical attribute.

        But it is downright improper and insensitive to joke about gang-rape.

        The argument of most people who are caught in a corner is to underline the fact that most of us have been, at one time another, party to inappropriate politically incorrect or improper or insensitive jokes. As if being party to similar repartee obviates arguments against it.

        Unfortunately, such a statement is silly and baseless. As children or immature adolescents, we may have blurted out crass and heartless jokes but now that we are mature, we should be held responsible for our ejaculations.

    • AllinLawisFair

      Paid or not-paid concert is not an argument. There was a big audience, or spectators and a public address system had been used. One can be charged with oral defamation, slander, etc., in that situation the moment one commits offences that call for such. One should not make fun of serious persons in a ridiculous manner. Remember your GMRC.

      • Mark F

        WHat?! Oral defamation or Slander?!? Do you even know what does it mean? Let me tell ya then, SLander – a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report.

        Now, what is malicious, false and defamatory about Vice’s skit? Is it not well known that Soho is indeed overweight? Was it done maliciously? i don’t think so. Otherwise, all the people at his concert should have booed him and demanded for a refund… IF Soho felt upended by what Vice did then, she should have charged him in courts… On what grounds?!? Nothing….

        Let’s just accept the fact that we’re not living in a perfect world and not everyone has the same standards and views regarding your GMRC.

        Peace Brotha!

      • AllinLawisFair

        That is the problem with people like you. You said yourself that “… we are not living in a perfect world…” and you seem contented to accept its imperfections and do nothing to at least rectify what you see as imperfections. You condone them instead.

    • BOSSlot

      andaming bading dito

      • Mark F

        Nagiisa ka lang naman ah. Wag mo kaming idamay. LOL!

  • lucidlynx

    Every one in public life gets lampooned. A lampoon attacks a person’s shortcomings in a joking manner. If you don’t like, fix your shortcomings. Don’t be offended. Besides, it is only a joke. Funny or not, it is just a joke.

    King Solomon? He once decided to cut a baby in half.

  • Zim

    If Vice would be punished for what he’s done, you should have punished yourself first.

  • AllinLawisFair

    I have nothing against LGBT’s per se. What I hate is the boisterous, scandalous, obscene, and primitive (the list of adequate adjectives is long), behavior of some who probably think that they are being funny when in fact they are outrageously ridiculous.

  • Elaine

    Seemingly, everyone is missing the point in the Vice brouhaha. Let’s talk about the Filipino character or personality. What makes a Filipino tick? i will begin by watching 2 or 3 or a group of Filipino(a)s. Count how many times they will smile or laugh in 5 minutes. Listen (if not eavesdrop) to their conversation … are they saying something funny that should make a 3rd party (not party of the group) — smile or/and laugh? This time, watch tv programs … particularly the morning news programs of the 2 major national networks … observe the repartee among the program hosts with/among other regulars & even guests… and count how many times they smile or/and laugh in 5 minutes. If you have the time, count every 5 minutes in a span of 30 minutes, the frequency of smiling and laughing. The point is … this smiling and laughing is a cultural thing among Filipinos. With the exception of Chinese-Filipino, Filipinos are uncomfortable in a serious environment….and are never good at panel discussions or debates. Filipinos put premium on fun… fun people/relationships/situations/events etc Smiling and laughing becomes an inherent behavior and attitude — traits that many foreigners find distinctive of Filipinos regarding them as friendly people. But in more ways & many instances in daily lives, these joking are carried to the extremes. The friendly-mild mannered Filipino who avoid confrontations & expected to be a compliant conformist however — conveniently resort to joking to release pent-up strong emotions or displaced aggression, and as quickly — turn around to soothe ruffled weathers with “joke only” or “jokingly only” that should put any tensions to rest. How does the Vice brouahaha come in? Vice is a mirror of the Filipino … and while you may not like what you see in the mirror, it provides insight into the people’s psyche and the nation’s soul. Mirrors are very revealing … and Vice aptly exposed what the Fil people & nation have ignored or choose to ignore about themselves for a long time.

    • stromboli67

      Wow, what profundity, an insight that everybody else missed. So Pinoys have their distinct sense of humor, and you’re saying it’s ok to cater to it’s baser tendencies, LOL.

    • billy31

      I don;t want to be a mirror of vice. ang sagwa! Even gays like him start to hate him before and now. Lumaki na ng husto ang ulo nya, c/o the likes of ABS-CBN! I think ABS-CBN shud give him a long leave of absence without pay. Then Showtime will have a better rating.

    • hopelovefaith

      thank you. well said. my take on the issue is that the quality of viewers have deteriorated. no more quality shows. they want someone who reflects who they are. vice ganda is one of them. kakampi ng masa sa bastusan. this man (ehen, woman) rose from the ranks. he may have come from UP but he was never completely formed by UP standards. he was just lucky to enroll and attend a few semesters at UP.

  • lemon88


  • Platypus09

    If they want all Filipinos, including professionals and educated ones, to give RESPECT back to TV shows, they need MASSIVE CLEAN-UP, including hosts and hosting lines.

    Enough of those comical lines. It is time for a great, big change.

    TV networks can do better.

    They should use PROFESSIONAL HOSTS that will bring RESPECT of all the Filipinos back to our TV shows, and not making them LOOK CHEAP and SHALLOW, or sometimes DISGUSTING CORNY.

  • boboposter

    Mga amoy lupa ang gusto mo? LOL ilang taon ka na ba? Solomon-Solomon ka pang nalalaman dyan…

    Pero agree ako. Dapat kay Vice Ganda ginagawang kabayo… literal na kabayo!

  • letsgoloid

    Not only you want Vice to get fired, you also want him to get sued? OK na sana. Kaso di bagay yung first line mo sa nais mong mangyari. Pa quote quote ka pa ng bible. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

  • julieboy

    Vice Ganda,Willie wow wow,Cristi per Min,Abunda etc…they make the ratings the sponsors like them for they give the stations all the money..Good manners and right conduct,we should not judge.Punishment for the Vice should teach her or him a lesson ,firing is the stations prerogative.

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