Inappropriate acronym for health program


08:55 PM June 3rd, 2013

June 3rd, 2013 08:55 PM

This is to react to the recent news item, “DOH bats for ‘SEX’ in call centers” (Metro, 5/25/13). Why must everything be related to sex? Using sex as an acronym for “stress-free, eating right and exercise” may be catchy and amusing, but I believe the health and labor officials who came up with the campaign should have considered that statistics show that the BPO industry has shown an alarming increase in reported HIV cases.

The stress call agents undergo each day or night of work is tremendous. Not only is their schedules so erratic, changing  from day to night shifts, thus constantly disrupting their sleeping habits; also, client calls that are often rude or too demanding heighten their stress levels. This being so, it is understandable for the workforce in this industry to try to de-stress themselves through drinking, gambling, clubbing and, obviously, through sexual activities.

Thus, the acronym s-e-x for health tips, which is expressive of a big part of the problem being addressed, can have the effect of reverse psychology by virtually suggesting sex as an acceptable way to relieve stress.

Subliminal message in music videos meant for young teens, which included the word sex being briefly flashed on screen, already caused much concern in the past. A message that is outright suggestive is much worse.


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