Cases filed vs political enemies: Why only now?


09:15 PM February 26th, 2013

February 26th, 2013 09:15 PM

The dirt and grime of the campaign season is unbelievable. It’s so filthy that it puts into question the real motives of some, if not most, of the candidates. Are they really in it for public service? Or is it more for the perks, both legal and illegal?

The forceful arrest of Vice Mayor Isko Moreno and company, along with the suspension of the governor of Cebu and the ouster of the governor of Pangasinan are just few incidents that place doubts in everyone’s minds if these cases are really just what they are or are indeed politically motivated as what these politicians allege.

What’s weird about these cases is that for the past couple of years we very seldom heard of similar incidents, especially of the kind involving government officials. But now that the election season has begun, all of a sudden here are these cases being filed here and there, as well as laws and rules being strictly implemented.  What’s even weirder is that all the cases filed, all the punishments and consequences have so far only been applied to political opponents of President Aquino’s Liberal Party, even as only LP gets all the praises and all sorts of benefits owing to being the President’s party.

The Aquino administration, over the years, has been seemingly belligerent and hostile towards its political opponents, none clearer than its continuous campaign to harass former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. The relentless attacks, potshots and accusations of the Aquino administration against the former President are somewhat similar to what it is doing now against its other political foes. With that come the doubts of the real intentions of some candidates, particularly those of the Liberal Party. Are they really that eager to serve the nation and the citizens that they would actually go all out to get a seat in government? Or are they fighting for something else? Something that is more for their personal interests?



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