Salvation for the Marcoses?

Jaime Licauco in his column Inner Awareness (Lifestyle, 9/12/17) wrote about meeting some years ago Swedish psychic Olof Jonsson, who reportedly was hired by the late Ferdinand Marcos to look for the Yamashita gold buried by the Japanese army in different places in the county as the war neared its end.

The story on the hidden wealth of the Marcos family has been circulating for years which the Marcoses have long been denying. Except for the suitcases of money, pieces of jewelry that they brought along as they fled Manila for Hawaii during the Edsa revolt, the Yamashita gold story remains a fable to many.

Now the news of the Marcos family willing to share their hidden wealth, through the intercession of President Duterte for the benefit of the country, came out as a pleasant surprise. However, the report that the Marcoses are willing to do so in exchange for their getting an immunity from suit is like cold water splashed on your face.

It will do well for the Marcos family, specifically its matriarch Imelda, to finally put a closure to the long-running tale of their ill-gotten/hidden wealth and a seemingly unquenchable thirst for power and glory. Though restitution on their part is long overdue, returning them now without condition will be the best move. Let not earthly riches pull us down to perdition but rather lead us to our salvation.

THERESA PILI-NISPEROS, Gagalangin, Tondo, Manila